Upycling Europe: An ERASMUS+ project about the awareness of cycling In an increasing number of European cities cycling has more and more become part of our daily awareness of life. Cycling in cities is no longer merely a means of transport. On the contrary, a kind of “bicycle culture” has developed all over Europe. Apart from ecological aspects like climate protection, heathy air and less noise, cycling is simply a lot of fun. In addition, getting from A to B in a city is often much quicker by bike than by car or public transport. It has been common knowledge for quite some time that cycling is good for one’s health. Therefore  cycling is just one aspect of people’s wish and efforts to lead a healthy and sustainable way of life. At the same time, cyclists are increasingly proud if they are able to maintain and repair their beloved bikes themselves with the help of some basic know-how.

The Erasmus+ project “UPCYCLE EUROPE” is financed by the EU and deals with the topics of cycling and bikes.

Students from schools in four different countries are working together:

  • Maria-Ward-Schule Aschaffenburg (Germany)
  • Kelmes Jono Graiciuno gimnazija (Lithuania)
  • OMO Scholengroep Bergen op Zoom e.o.(Netherlands)

From September 2018 to August 2020 we are working on the following topics:

1. Bike mobility in European cities

  • research of the role of bike mobility in selected European cities.
  • study of the influence of urban development on bike friendliness
  • research of increasing car traffic
  • creation of plans

2. Bike maintenance

  • studying basic methods of bike maintenance in theory as well as in practice.
  • creating video tutorials
  • teaching fellow students and elementary pupils how to repair and look after their bikes
  • excursion to local bike shops

3. Transport situation in hometown

  • analysing the transport situation in their own towns
  • developing suggestions for improvements
  • meeting with the local policy makers

4. Motivation

  • planning and conducting activities to motivate people to use their bikes regularly.
  • creating motivational photos, videos, songs.